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Creative Writing Exercises: Third-Person Limited Narrator

Here comes a new Friday’s exercise. This time, it is a practice to review the way that an equiscient (or third-person limited) narrator works. At the end of the post you will find the downloadable pdf file.



To do this exercise you have to imagine a family meal and make a list with the participants in it, putting in brackets their ages and a couple of adjetives for each one in order to defining them superficially.

Now, you have to imagine two of the characters discuss during the meal (you choose the characters and the issue they argue) and narrate the discussion from the viewpoint of one of the participants by using an third-person limited narrator.

Then, you have to tell the same discussion from different points of view, also by using an third-person limited narrator. This time, you can use the other participant in the argue or any other character in the meal.


Exercise | Workshop exercise number 009

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