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Notes, tutorials, exercises, thoughts, workshops and resources about writing or storytelling art


write me!

My name is Iria and you can also find me in Facebook and Twitter. Or, if you prefer, you can put your two cents by commenting on blog posts. Any help is good to move forward this project.

You can also fill your own character card and send it to me to publish on the blog. Who knows who could it inspire? Maybe you’ll see someday a best-seller starring yourself!!

You can tell me, for example, your literary experiences, any doubt on the subject or suggestions for online writing tools that you’d like to use.

write me!

I am Tomeu, the site admin. I am the responsible for keeping up Literautas. If you want to tell me anything, you will find me in my e-mail address or in my Twitter.

Any help is good for this project, which rises like a dream, may becoming a reality.

Thank you and enjoy your visit to 🙂